Pic shows: Irish tourist Michael Merry (with the injury in the head) and the ladyboy surrounded by police. An Irish tourist was given a savage beating by a lady boy in Thailand after he told her to get lost when she suggested they have some fun together. According to eyewitnesses the Irishman, named as 55-year-old Michael Merry, had been approached by the lady boy transvestite at 3am while he was walking down the street in Thailand’s holiday resort of Pattaya. The area is a coastal resort town east of Bangkok that is infamous for its seedy night life scene and high crime rate. Local police spokesman Piyapong Ensan said that the attacker had been identified as transgender person Wichai Sripalang, 24, who had had suggested that the Irishman might like to have some fun with her. The police spokesman said: "The transgender woman who approached him and offered sexual services, he declined the offer but she then put her arms around him and molested him. This annoyed him and he shoved her away, causing her to fall to the ground. When she stood up she took of one of her shoes, and used it to hit the victim over the head." According to medics the high-heeled shoe had left a deep wound in the tourists head, and she has been charged with physical assault. She was still at the scene when officers arrived. The Irishman was treated at the scene, and the lady boy who was questioned over the incident faces a fine. In a similar incident, a transgender prostitute was arrested for allegedly attacking a Polish woman with a high-heel shoe. According to police, the suspect was arguing with the victim after she attempted to offer sexual service to the victim's husband. (ends)

Bentrok Bule Macho Berbadan Gempal vs Waria Pattaya, Siapa Menang?

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Liburan bertujuan untuk mendapatkan hiburan dan menghilangkan kepenatan. Tapi bagaimana jadinya jika kalian justru mengalami hal yang sama seperti Michel Merry (55) seorang turis asal Irlandia ini.

Michael, belum lama ini berlibur ke Pantai Pattaya di Thailand.

Ia kemudian menjadi korban penganiayaan oleh seorang waria di kawasan tersebut, setelah menolak untuk diajak ‘bersenang-senang’.

Wajah Michael berlumuran darah

Sebagaimana dilansir The Daily Mail, waria bernama Wichai Sripalang (24) itu awalnya menggoda Michael.

Ia terus menerus mencoba mendekat kepada Michael.

Saksi menyebut, meski Michael sudah mengatakan ‘tidak’, Sripalang malah makin menjadi-jadi.

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Ia memegang-memegang badan Michael, hingga akhirnya Michael marah, dan mendorong Sripalang sampai jatuh.

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